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development center. his son of voiced his strong opinions on cnn. >> this report is not a legal document. the burden of proof is lower than it would be if this was a legal case. there are really no new facts in this situation. >> for china did safe, with the benefit of hindsight a wish i would have done more. gary ravitch will have more coming up. >>catherine: a man initially arrested in the beating of bryan stowe and and later cleared is now suing the los angeles police department for defamation. ramirez filed a lawsuit yesterday, he was arrested and never charged. all of his lawyers insisted he had never even been to the stadium. this is him at the stadium in april. for months police argued they had arrested the right suspect. two other men have since been arrested and charged. >> pablo sandoval is not likely to face charges in connection with an elected sexual assault. the sheriff's department investigated that there is insufficient evidence for it local woman claims she was sexually assaulted at a local resort back on june 1st. the case has not been afforded to the district attorney'
bush and that was a pretty long time ago. sean perlman, cnn. >> 100,000 americans killed by firearms every year. and guns seem to be virtually untouchable by laws in the u.s.. >> triple digit temperatures. and hot for this saturday. 80s by the bay. cooler for tomorrow. >> the gun control is no up for debate. from the united states has more and more per capita. a one-third of the entire world guns are owned by americans it is a love affair. with a constitutional right to bear arms but it is not likely to change. jonathan mann. >> norway has learned that america is hardly unique. a gunman was arrested one year ago after 69 people were shot at a summer camp. belgium has also learned that america is hardly unique. that gunmen wounded 100 in this city last the summer before shooting himself. however america is the reference point it seems to be where the whole world thinks when ordinary people use guns for grotesque backs of violence. mayor michael bloomberg. >> i can tell you that i do not think that there is any other developed country in the world that has remotely problem that we have
of the two men the run the school. >>anchor: can you tell me your name? i am with cnn and we want to know why you have to turn out here begging for money at the subway. >>anchor: we found out who the man is his name is rev. robert lacey junior. he and another run the school who forced their students to hustle at subway stations, why are they doing this? where's the money going? >>anchor: students should be home doing homework not begging for of money. this little boy should be doing his homework. you london daily had four children at the school and she pulled them out. doing fund raising she says that no one told her that they were begging. >> of the pastor told us if we did not make $50 to have to stay there until we did. >>anchor: did you get hungry and thirsty did they bring food and water? >> no, and i could not even sit down. >>anchor: you london daily said that her older child was struck by the rev. lacy jr.. >> he hit my older son on the head with a book. >>anchor: her younger son says that he was hit several times. what did he he live? >> a belt and spoons. >>anchor: carlos says h
news room of the search that is happening at the search. law enforcement told cnn that they have found items of interest. the camera is showing you that >>this just in to the kron 4 news room this is the search that is going on at his apartment it has been evacuated. they have found some items of interest. when police took him into custody he confessed to the possibility of having explosives inside of his home. they had evacuated the building but they do not released any information yet on what they found. however, they started getting in there and telling people that they had to evacuate. we are still getting more information from the suspect's apartment stay with us. >> thank you, adjusting to. and bay area weather & traffic. james? >> good morning. we will get more up beat the forecast will get warm. the 80s will dominate. the north bay, the east bay, and saturday will have >> no problems, the east bay, an easy drive bay-area wide. >> thank you, george. and we will continue with the latest developments on this man's movie shooting in colorado. outside of denver. this was in aurora..
. cnn and. >> you are picking up the first lady. >> a marriage proposal gone wrong. greg from montana during the chicago cubs game last night but she missed it. she wanted to go at some drinks and then he had to wait. he would enjoy what turned out to be 89 running for their beloved cubs. and after the inning he made the proposal in person and she said yes. much more coming up on the kron 4 morning news. opening statements in a san jose court room in the battle against apple & samsung. the designs of tablet computers will let you know what is happening and penn state returns for a pre-season work out. after the n.c.a.a. sanctions. stripping the school of scholarships. and the situation continues to deteriorate in syria. many people are fleeing with the latest civil war. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just 14.
. it is a quirky experience. >> cnn-london. >>darya: you do not even that cab then just pitch a tent in my backyard. >> >>erica: i my sewage share. he figured that hotel rooms are pretty expensive. >> we're still dealing with the delays at sfo so check with your carrier. in terms of your temperatures is a high 50s to the los '70s across the bay area. in his 50s and 60s for the most part. by 3:00 p.m. a could get down right hot. nichols down by 8:00 p.m.. but let's focus in on your afternoon highs. in will be as hot is 95 degrees and the east bay. 96 and antioch. if you're headed out to the giants' game dress in layers. temperatures will start off in the mid-60s but it will declare an over in the evening hours. temperatures will start to drop as you head into tomorrow. it will come back up by wednesday and thursday a cool down for a milder weekend. >>george: things have wound down very nicely. the commute eds with light traffic. there is no back up the great bay bridge. there is still sluggish conditions on this band. the san mateo bridge is 12 minutes either direction. golden gate bridge
is gary tuchman with cnn. we want to know what you have children sitting for money on the subway? >> we found out who the man is. he is a reverend. he and his father front st. andrews. the children are regularly is spotted hustling for money. why? where's the money going? >> if you have any questions, please give it to us in writing. >> the children should be home doing their homework, not begging commuters for money. call for certain >> are younger son said that he was hit several times. >> what did he he with? >> spoons. state del. >> this voice says he was locked into a classroom because he spoke. >> slipped and fell off of a legend broke my foot in five pages. >> i just thank god that he landed on his feet. this >> this is a public place. if people are giving money to your children we are allowed to fill. >> we are honest people and law abiding citizens. as we have committed ourselves to do god's service. that is what we have been doing. jacqueline bennett temperatures topping trouble digits this afternoon. we will see the cooler weather starting tomorrow. this happy birthday! thank
to station and then it are some allegations of abuse. >> reporter: >> my name is gary with cnn and we want to know why you have children here begging for money? >> i am not answering questions. >>anchor: we found out that this man is reverend robert lacey who runs say andrews. the students ask for money at the subway stations so why are they doing it and where does the money go? >>anchor: i think students should be home during their homework during the year and not a nagging people for money. >>anchor: you on the bay we had three students at st. andrews and she pulled them out she was told that her kids for doing fund-raising she says no one told her that they were begging. >> pastor lacy told us that if we did not make $50 we would stay there until we did. >>anchor: this woman pulled her son now she said she paid $3,000 cut the air and her son city was required to panhandle every evening. >>anchor: you got hungry and thirsty did they bring food or water? >> snow, and i could not even sit down. >>anchor: baby says that her older child was struck by the rev. lacy jr.. her younger son say
are going to see it on fox to who you are like to see it on cnn. can it brings up fedex and ups boxes which is publicly traded. there is in with slight -- there is a website where this guy got his ammunition. >>mark: thanks rob. >>darya: as they look at the weather. >>erica: that we have plenty of sunshine all around the bay area. there is a little bit of fog and difficult bit of a drizzle. but on a lot of that cloud cover has worn off. the temperatures on the mild side as the trend into the afternoon. but talking about seventies and eighties and we could see some nineties as far as inland. at a rotary going to the evening with a milder temperatures. it is already 70 degrees and antioch. here is an lookit the other temperatures out the door. teacher cast for turns the '50s and '60s '70s and '80s by lunchtime. by 3:00 p.m. -- by 3:00 p.m. i do not see what shifted to the temperatures. and will be some nineties in the east bay. let's take a look ahead. this point to be relatively warmer this afternoon but we do notice a cooling trend over the next couple of days pin we will have the full deta
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9